Mold Removal vs Remediation

With a custom property assessment that allows us to tailor our plan of action to your individual issues.

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If you have mold in your home, having the proper treatment is important to ensuring your safety and the safety of those on your property.  At Galveston County Mold Removers we provide all the services that you need to rid your home mold for good.  Including mold remediation and mold removal, our processes are designed to take on even the most challenging mold products, using our years of expertise to effectively eliminate the problem.  With a custom property assessment that allows us to tailor our plan of action to your individual issues, you’ll see your mold problems eliminated with our professionals. 

Mold Removal

Mold removal, also known as mold abatement is the process by which we get rid of mold in a given area.  Using professional products in combination with the right tools and equipment, our team safely removes mold and black mold from you rooms, helping you have cleaner air and safer overall conditions.  From black mold bathrooms to attics and other areas where moisture may collect, our professionals know how to tackle the problem effectively, eliminating the signs of mold throughout the premises.  Our custom tailored removal process is fast and efficient, keeping you safe from the potential hazards of doing it yourself. 

Mold Remediation

In many cases mold removal and mold remediation can be used interchangeably, with remediation having a heavier focus on the “remedying” part of the process.  Our mold remediation not only gets rid of the mold that you can see, but takes proactive steps towards preventing its return.  Effectively preventing it from contaminating the surrounding environment, we target the mold and moisture problem from its root, taking steps to create an inhospitable environment for future growth.  Including the introduction of anti-microbial products and moisture reduction measures, our services are designed to offer a permanent solution to your mold problem. 

Property Assessment

When you use our mold remediation services, you’re making a smart investment in the future of your property.  Unfortunately the climate in Galveston is conducive to mold growth, with clients frequently not even recognizing a problem until it has gotten out of control.  Mold can grow in a number of places from black mold in showers, to flood prone areas, and even under carpeting.  Our experts examine the problem area, as well as associated areas that may be affected by mold that is not easily visible.  Coming up with a custom plan based on the needs of your property, our through services will ensure the safety of your home as a whole. 

Our Process

By working with us to eliminate problems in houses with black mold, you can be confident that you property is in good hands.  We have years of experience working with clients throughout the area, expertly targeting mold from the root of the issue.  From a property assessment that examines potentially affected areas, to creating a custom plan for removal, we are dedicated to providing the mold removal that you need.  Our black mold cleaning uses the proper products and equipment to eliminate the problem, targeting the cause rather than masking the effects.  Even including a post treatment plan to prevent more growth, we provide the high quality services that you can count on.

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