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We believe that the cost of mold remediation should also be affordable.

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While no expense should be spared keeping you and your family safe from the effects of black mold toxicity, at Galveston County Mold Removers, we believe that the cost of mold remediation should also be affordable.  With pricing based on a number of factors from the cause of the problem, to the size of the removal, our honest pricing ensures that there are no surprises at the end of our services.  We also provide the mold damage repairs that get rid of the residual signs of a black mold house, offering the some of the best prices in the business, with quality that is unbeatable. 

Affordable Pricing

If you’re noticing mold in your home, you may consider handling the problem on your own.  While this can be effective for small contaminations, mold can be potentially hazardous to your health, with improper treatment resulting in increased exposure and possible health issues.  By working with our professionals, you’ll see how our cost for mold removal is competitive and affordable, making us the smart choice for your mold removal problems.  From black mold on walls to black mold on wood and other areas, we remove the mold safely and efficiently while helping you avoid potential health risks.

Causes of Mold

There are a number of reasons that mold may grow on your property, including our humid local weather that’s conducive to mold growth.  With our mold remediation services we provide a full site inspection, helping our clients target potentially hazardous areas with expert precision.  From black mold in showers to attics and potential flood zones, we not only remove the mold but prevent the problem from reoccurring.  With the cost of mold remediation being reflective of the extent of the problem, our team will make sure that you understand what needs to be done prior to starting work. 

Mold Removal

During our mold removal services, our goal is to ensure an environment that is cleaner and safer for our clients.  Not only getting rid of visibly moldy spots, we seek out the root of the problem, to ensure that full safety of the area.  Including letting our clients know about the differences between black mold vs mildew, we inspect the area as a whole to understand the full extent of the affected area.  Accordingly, our mold removal costs reflect the span of the mold infiltration, from decontaminating surface areas, to getting beneath carpeting and into the structures of your home. 

Damage Repairs

Mold infestations not only present major health risks to those on the property, but can also cause serious damages to the structures themselves.  Being reflective of a damp environment, mold knows no boundaries whether it’s appearing on a black mold wall, getting beneath carpeting or weakening the support structures of your home.  At Galveston County Mold Removers we not only provide the necessary mold remediation, but provide the mold damage repairs that target the origins while preventing the problem from returning.  From black mold on wood to testing for black mold through the premises, our affordable damage repairs will help ensure the future security of your home.

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