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We help our clients keep their homes clean and dry, providing them tools to ensure the safety of their property.

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One of the best ways to ensure that you never have to deal with intensive mold remediation is to make sure that you’re taking the necessary steps to prevent its growth in the first place.  At Galveston County Mold Removers, we help our clients keep their homes clean and dry, providing them with the tools they need to ensure the safety of their property.  Providing custom assessments that alert you to potentially problematic areas, our clients are able to take a proactive approach to treating their homes. Including regular inspections and maintenance, we help your home stay safe and free from contamination.  

Professional Assessment

For homes that are dealing with a mold problem, our professional assessments can help you create a plan of action that will prevent small problems from becoming larger issues.  Whether you’re unsure whether you have black mold vs mildew, or you have a black mold wall that’s affecting your health, we will evaluate the situation to create a custom plan of attack.  Through this assessment we make recommendations on actions that you can take to prevent mold from spreading, combing them with our remediation services.  By working with us, you’ll prevent your home from experiencing back mold exposure that can affect your health and the health of those around you.

Proactive Approach

When it comes to preventing mold, taking a proactive approach to its prevention is one of the smartest things you can do for your home.  Our region is especially prone to mold growth because of our humid weather, which is why our local experts know exactly how to combat the most common Galveston mold problems.  From regular maintenance and check ups that evaluate the moisture levels on your property, to dehumidifiers and other equipment that ensures proper ventilation, we help you avoid becoming a black mold house.  Getting ahead of a potential problem can also save you hundreds of dollars in avoiding future mold issues on your property. 

Mold Treatments

One of the many ways that we help our clients with mold prevention is making sure that their surfaces are properly treated to prevent the introduction of excess moisture.  In our region in particular, maintaining the right balance of humidity is an important part of your mold prevention plan.  From killing any existing mold with the right products, to removing excess moisture from the environment, we give our clients the tools they need to have a mold free home.  Including examining areas where moisture may accumulate, such as flood zones and areas with poor ventilation, we prevent unwanted black mold bathrooms and other easily avoidable problems.

Home Maintenance

As part of your mold prevention routine, ensuring that your home is undergoing the necessary maintenance can help prevent costly problems in the future.  Particularly with our humid Galveston weather, we recommend having your home periodically inspected by our professionals in order to prevent black mold in your house.  Providing a custom property assessment, we examine areas that are susceptible to mold growth, using our expert knowledge to target susceptible areas.  Advising our clients on the best ways to keep the space mold free, our maintenance appointments keep you and your family safe from hazards such as black mold poisoning. 

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