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Our full service team assists in removing the full scope of the damages that it has caused.

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One of the biggest problems when it comes to mold remediation is the extent of the damage that mold can cause.  In addition to the negative effects that black mold can have on your health, it also leaves behind stains, and can even cause damages to the structures of your home.  By working with Galveston County Mold Removers our full service team not only gets rid of the immediate mold infestation, but assists in removing the full scope of the damages that it has caused.  From bleaching surfaces to removing moisture and mold stains, our professionals will do everything we can to return your home to a better condition. 

Surface Damages

When it comes to black mold in a house, there are a lot of damages that may occur, including surface damages on walls, floors, ceilings and other areas.  With our professional services we take the measures necessary to remove the signs of a previous mold infestation, getting rid of unsightly stains and ensuring that the black mold is killed to its roots.  Using bleach, anti-microbial products and mold removal spray, we get into every crevice to create cleaner more appealing surfaces.  Combining the right products with our extensive experience, our professionals will return your home to its best condition.

Invasive Mold Damages

Aside from the surface damages that mold creates, this invasive substance can also get into harder to clean areas, penetrating wood, floors and other structures.  As a full service mold remediation company, we help to counteract the signs of these damages, treating areas with the appropriate care that removes visible stains and marks.  By getting deep into areas such as behind walls and beneath carpeting, we ensure that the mold is thoroughly eliminated, not only creating a better appearance but ensuring that it won’t return.  Using high quality products in combination with professional tools, your mold damage repair will be completed more efficiently with our professionals. 

Custom Consultation

By hiring our team for your mold remediation and damage repair, your property will benefit from our years of expertise as mold removal specialists.  From removal through the clean up afterwards, we address every aspect of your mold remediation to ensure that the problem is completely eliminated.  Evaluating the property to select the right post removal treatments, we provide bleaching and mold removal sprays, as well as help you make adjustments that will prevent mold growth in the future.  By working with our team, your property will be treated to the individual attention and custom services that our clients love us for. 

Professional Care

While some people may consider performing mold removal on their own, our professional services provide a number of benefits for our clients.  From saving money on buying the right products to the equipment needed to repair damages, our repair process is both safe and fast for our clients.  With our care your home will be returned to a safer and cleaner condition, including anti-microbial treatments that help prevent future growth.  Using our years of experience in mold damage repair in Galveston, we are here to get rid of unsightly damages and help prevent them from returning after our treatments are completed.

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